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We are the Urban Retail Authority

Prepare for the Future

Retail is changing quickly and everywhere. Stay ahead and compete with confidence

We work with you to right-size your business and investments and focus your mind on mission-critical topics

Competitive Retailer Analysis:

Retail is a street to street, neighbourhood to neighbourhood battle that can reach global scale. Our teams look top-down and bottom-up at each retailer and key competitors to deliver analysis.

Retail Industry Forecasts:

Our research teams and experts generate top to bottom reports and predictions on the future of a wide range of retail industry verticals.

Local and Regional Benchmarking:

Our city mapping approach allows local and international brands to benchmark at local, regional and global levels of best practice.

Retail Vertical Benchmarking:

Every industry vertical in retail is on a different maturity curve. We cater our insights to each situation rather than applying generic insights for all industries and locales.

Retailer Audits:

Obtain our expert point of view on a retailer’s strategy and execution in a market. We conduct store visits, interviews, and e-commerce analyses to give you an unbiased assessment of the retailer.


Investors are chasing the next unicorn. The result is waves of disruptive retail solutions. We provide sensible advice on which disruptors to ignore so you can focus only on those that keep you awake at night.

Align Your Teams

Lack of agreement & alignment across internal functions? Too many tasks and not enough focus?

Retail Cities can help overcome these obstacles. Our goal is to align your organization and establish focus

Keynote Presentations:

Invite one of our experts to participate in your next conference or event. Our experts are seasoned professionals, highly renowned in the industry, with the capacity to engage, inspire and excite audiences with their thought provoking and innovative content.

Retainer Consultancy Services:

Have Retail Cities as an extension of your team. Involve us in your strategy/planning process, leverage our expertise in your executive meetings, invite us to inspire your leadership team or facilitate an ideation session, or task us with research to address your most pressing issues and challenges.

Facilitated Decision Making:

Bring an expert into your meeting or negotiation. Whether you are conducting a joint business plan, hosting a top-to-top, gathering trade partners to brainstorm ideas about the future, our experts can help keep conversations factual, future-focused, and on agenda.

Get in Touch with Retail

No two people learn or remember the same things so we do everything we can to stimulate engagement and memory

Retail Cities embraces the 6 senses learning and engagement process. We integrate audio, video, taste, touch, smell, hearing, and “foresight” into our engagements in as many ways as we can

Store Safaris:

Elevate your knowledge of the retail landscape in your priority markets by walking the store with our experts who provide a holistic view of the space, assess merchandising and promotional activity and showcase how key trends are manifested instore.

Future of Retail Reports:

Build a strategy beyond your 18-month budgeting cycle. Too many forecasting companies ‘straight line’ the latest trend out over a five year horizon, hence the 3-5 year strat plans don’t look at how the industry will be different from a competitive landscape angle. We never straight-line forecasts, instead we focus on how competition will evolve.

Expert Interviews:

Our network is well connected so we can get you ‘the other person’s view’ on any topic in retail, in anonymous ways. If you attend a conference or negotiation you will hear well-crafted messages. We get at candid and honest opinions through our anonymous and confidential interview approach.

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