Proprietary Facts & Data to Future-Proof Your Investments

Our Philosophy is Simple: Retail is Detail and Detail means Data

Our global network of industry experts and core research team scan and analyze the latest innovations in the world’s Top 75 cities (those with populations of +5 million inhabitants) to assist you on any topic of innovation

Flash Briefings – The Data Research Tool

Our Flash Briefings comprise access to Retail Analytics to generate benchmarks and forecasts and executive summary Insights Reports that turn data into relevant insights to aid your decision making and future-proof your investments

Retail Analytics

Flat files with the hard data to help you better understand:

  • Future of retail
  • Consumer changes and landscape shifts
  • Competitive benchmark vs. your competitors
  • Best-in-class innovations
  • Opportunities and challenges

Insights Report

Executive  summary report that outlines the current and future landscape, highlighting where the opportunities lie for your business

Flash Briefings – Coverage

Our Flash Briefings give you a clear picture of the current and future landscape for the Retail Verticals, Cities and Retail Topics of your interest

Retail Verticals

We understand retailers and the relationships these create with specialist providers to collaborate in building success and meeting  consumer expectations. We focus on the following retail verticals:

  • FOOD: Includes Foodservice (full service restaurants, casual and luxury dining, quick service restaurants (QSR), café chains, home delivery and takeaway establishments) and Grocery (hypermarkets & supermarkets, discounters and convenience stores)
  • FASHION: Fast, luxury and discount fashion (apparel, footwear and accessories), lifestyle solution providers, and more
  • FUN: Experiential retail and entertainment operators such as cinemas, gaming, recreation and fitness
  • FAST: Includes Rapid Delivery companies, courier services, lockers, drones, collection points, concierge and personal shopper services, and Disruptive Technologies and Retail Concepts in grocery and mass retail (from plastic-free, to bio, to eco, to AI and robotics)


We prioritise our coverage on Cities based on three factors:

  • Current level of competition among the world’s fastest growing operators in the industries we cover
  • Current political/consumer context with a prioritization on analyzing cities undergoing structural change
  • Future levels of competition and structural change


We explore the hot topics, focusing on four key areas: 

  • Modernization & Development: Topics such as role of international development funds in accelerating modern retail
  • Financial & Credit: Topics such as role of microfinancing in accelerating wholesale and cash and carry retail distribution models in rapidly developing urban areas
  • Future of Retail: Topics such as how retail will evolve in the wake of Covid-19 or Store of the Future.
  • Best-in-Class: Our experts’ opinions on what to watch in retail around the world

Why We Focus on Cities

Understanding retail at Market level averages the disruptors in retail today. To deaverage the average and focus on rapid disruptive retail, an assessment of the City landscape in your priority markets is a must.

Whether you are looking to enter, expand or exit a market, we deliver a comprehensive view on urban retail in the world’s fastest growing cities to help inform the strategic direction of your business

Market Entry

Retail Cities helps you in the discovery and investment phase by assessing the opportunity in new territories. Access our Flash Briefings to:

Understand the Current Landscape

  • What stores are present in the market/city today for my sector?
  • Who will my competitors be once I enter the market/city?
  • Who are my consumers? What are they like?
  • How is the regulatory framework?

Assess the Future Potential

  • What will the market/city look like in 5 years?
  • Does the market/city represent a real opportunity for my business in the long term?

Growth in Existing Markets

If your objective is to improve performance and drive growth in markets where you currently operate, our Flash Briefings help you to:

Identify the Opportunities & Challenges

  • Which segments are winning, which aren’t, and why?
  • What is the consumer landscape like? Are premium consumers trading down? Are discount consumers trading up?
  • What is the formula for success in the market/city for my sector?
  • How do I need to adapt in order to win in this market/city?
  • What are the opportunities and challenges for my business in the market/city?

Market Exit

If you are challenged with underperforming markets and need to plan a strategic exit, use our Flash Briefings to:

Understand the Changes in the Landscape

  • Which neighborhoods will grow or remain attractive in the market/city?
  • In the neighborhoods most negatively impacted, should I downsize my store network or exit altogether?

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