Rebuilding Big City Retail

About the webinar

Big City retail has been devastated by the global pandemic. Offices are closed, tourism is impossible, residents have moved to the countryside. As a result, retailers and retail industries have evolved and will relaunch with a new approach, new attitude, and new services. The world has never seen so much reinvention of retail in such a short period of time.

Join our experts as they explore reinvention case studies and what these mean for the retail landscape of 2025.

Why attend?

We’ll cover case studies that have not received global attention, yet have implications for all industries. Most executives are discussing businesses that are growing right now rather than those that are trying to reorganize and survive. This is a kin to watching a boxing match where the prize fighter has his strongest hand tied behind his back. Tourist/travel retail shops, fashion stores, restaurants, cinemas, bars and clubs, will all come back with a roar one day. So why not get a jumpstart on understanding how they have transformed during this pandemic?

Who should attend?

Retail industry professionals in the hardest hit parts of this pandemic, including fashion, fast delivery, foodservice, travel, and entertainment verticals.  All attendees will find examples and stories that motivate, inspire and paint a new picture of the future. Professionals from other industry verticals will hear heartwarming stories of survival and success to help generate optimism while most people are on their knees.


  • The world of Big City retail – Introductions. Meet our master of ceremonies team as they introduce you to the world of Retail Cities. Our host, Brett Slater, a radio and podcast host, will introduce you to Bryan Gildenberg, SVP Commerce at Omnicom Retail Group, who will talk briefly about changes happening in advertising and to Phil Bonnano, Client Partner at Facebook, who will talk about how social media is engaging retail in new ways. We will then play a video introducing you to the Retail Cities global network taking you on a tour of retail around the world.
  • A tale of two cities. Sara Altukhaim, retail expert, will give her perspective on how all cities are similar using her experiences from Kuwait City and Boston as a personal example.
  • What’s happening in travel retail? Special guest, Emirates airline pilot Miguel Rinon, alongside Ray Gaul, co-founder & CEO at Retail Cities, will use Dubai Duty Free, one of the world’s largest duty free shop to illustrate how travel retail has evolved. Dubai Duty Free generates over USD 2 billion in annual retail sales in a typical year. Learn what’s happening in Dubai and other travel hubs around the world.
  • How do you stay hot when it’s cold in this lockdown? Bryan Roberts, retail & shopper consultant, will cover how consumers change habits using alcohol consumption in Greater London as an example. Bryan has conducted analysis of British pubs and how they survived the pandemic and has been working in the frontlines as an employee at a supermarket.
  • How do you stay healthy in a pandemic? Vadim Khetsuriani, retail expert, will explore how pharmacies in Moscow have transformed their services in these times when good health and hygiene have become a priority globally.
  • What is the right speed in retail? Ethan Sinick, retail consultant, will discuss the fast and slow elements of retail using the competition for foodservice delivery providers and restaurants in Istanbul as an example.
  • Q&A panel discussion. Hosts: Brett, Slater, Bryan Roberts, and Phil Bonner