Nils Brandes

About Nils

Nils was born in 1967 in Hamburg, holds a diploma in Management Administration and Computer Sciences and is based in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Nils worked as a Manager or Managing Director for companies such as IBM, EPSON and Samsung Electro-Mechanics. He is a consultant to companies who want to learn how to deal with complexity and how to apply the proven methods of Simplicity of ALDI. He answers the question how to avoid, how to reduce and finally how to manage complexity. He holds workshops and lectures but mainly he helped to implement the Hard Discount Model in Turkey, Colombia, Saudi-Arabia, Mexico, Ecuador, China Philippines.

Together with Dieter Brandes, he wrote the book Bare Essentials. The ALDI Way to Success in 2011. An updated version of 2019 has recently become available. Many chapters have been edited fundamentally and new data on ALDI has been included. An additional chapter has been added which critically reviews the latest development of ALDI North and South.